Dr Who Words Apart Doctor Who Words Apart


Collect hundreds of cards from classic Doctors and companions to the latest creatures and locations across the whole Whoniverse. Search for rare cards or collect premium frames designed around specific moments in the series.


Use your cards, decks and skill to defeat players online in a strategic digital card game that's easy to learn but difficult to master, currently available to download for PC and Mac. Learn more about how the game works here!


You fully own every Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card you buy. You can trade your cards with other players on our busy marketplace or even sell your rare cards and duplicates for real money. No crypto wallet is required!

Prepare for Battle

Every player receives 60 cards completely free. Jump straight in with the Cybermen, Dalek or Silurian pre-made starter decks, each with their own core tactics, or create your devastating strategies of your very own using the deck builder.

New Releases

All premium packs come with a selection of limited-edition frames. These frame and card combinations are exclusive to each pack, and packs are removed from sale regularly! Once we stop selling a pack in the store, the frames will never be available for sale again except through trades in the marketplace, so grab them before they leave!

Death Sentence

Build your future deck now! Prepare for battle by collecting legendary characters, weapons and environments!

Pack includes:*

Death Sentence cards x 10

Kotturuh Judgement Stone Frame, Coffin Ship Frame and Emperor of the Restoration Frame

Death Sentence Pack

Available Now!


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*Cards and Frames will be available to play in game at a later date. They will be visible in "your collection" immediately.

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