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Doctor Who Founders Tokens are your chance to own a piece of Doctor Who history and gain unique and exclusive access to our upcoming card game.

Only 1963 will ever exist, and there’s only three sales left!

Holding a Founders Token provides you with a wide range of perks, including NFT airdrops, discounts, exclusive competitions and events. Read more below!

All Founders Tokens need to be purchased using our virtual currency, vUSD. For more information, click here .

Drop 3

Founders token

Pack includes:

  • 3D model Founders Token x 1
  • All Founders Token packs
136 / 500

Tokens remaining

spinning founders token

Drop Timeline

  1. Drop 1

    100 Tokens

    Sold out

  2. Drop 2

    250 Tokens

    Sold out

  3. Drop 3

    136 / 500

    Tokens available!

  4. Drop 4

    Coming soon

  5. Drop 5

    Coming soon

Founders Perks - What's included

Holding a Founders Token grants you access to a wide range of perks, discounts, airdrops and access in the upcoming Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, a fully licenced Doctor Who NFT card game. All Founders Tokens are fully tradeable on our marketplace and can be sold to others with 0% fees. Players can hold multiple Founders Tokens – check out our leaderboard!
  • $290 Worth of free NFT card packs dropped into your account
  • 1 Free 'Core Frame Pack' with every new set
  • 20% discount on all pack purchases
  • Access to hundreds of free packs via airdrops
  • Founders Token holder rank & channel access in Discord
  • Pre-access to all builds
  • Future voting rights on the game, marketplace and design policies
  • Access to exclusive events and Q&A sessions with the developers
  • 3D Founders' Token for your in-game swagspot
  • 200% experience boost on all core frames
  • +20% to all in-game currency (Pandaks) rewards
  • Early access to new features
  • Free listing on Doctor Who: Worlds Apart marketplace

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