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Founders token

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Founders Token

150 / 500 Founders Tokens Left

Become A Founder

Doctor Who Founders Tokens are your chance to own a piece of Doctor Who history and gain unique and exclusive access to our upcoming card game. Only 1963 will ever exist, and there’s only three sales left! Holding a Founders Token provides you with a wide range of perks, including NFT airdrops, discounts, exclusive competitions and events. Read more below!

Price: $1,000.00



Founders Exclusive Perks

Holding a Founders Token grants you access to a wide range of perks, discounts, airdrops and access in the upcoming Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, a fully licenced Doctor Who NFT card game. All Founders Tokens are fully tradeable on our marketplace and can be sold to others with 0% fees. Players can hold multiple Founders Tokens – check out our leaderboard!
  • ☉ $245 worth of FREE NFT card packs dropped into your account.
  • ☉ 1 Free "Core Frame Pack" with every new set
  • ☉ 20% discount on all pack purchases
  • ☉ Access to free packs via airdrops
  • ☉ Founders' Token Holder rank & channel access in Discord
  • ☉ Pre-access to all builds
  • ☉ Future voting rights on game, marketplace and design policies
  • ☉ Access to exclusive events and Q&A sessions with the developers
  • ☉ 3D Founders' Token for your in-game Swagspot
  • ☉ 200% experience boost on all core frames
  • ☉ +20% to all in-game currency (Pandaks) rewards
  • ☉ Early access to new features
  • ☉ Free listing on Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Marketplace




Our Founders Tokens are limited to 1,963 units to celebrate the first year the Doctor Who television show aired! There will never be any more tokens minted, making them one of the rarest official pieces of Doctor Who merchandise ever to exist. Founders Tokens are more than just a collectible though – they offer very real perks, from sitewide discounts to free marketplace listings, airdrops and much more.



With only a highly limited number available, our original Founders Tokens sold for only $250 and sold out very quickly. Since then, tokens have traded hands for over $3,000 on the marketplace. All the time you hold at least one token you’ll be a part of an exclusive club to one of the biggest licenced titles ever to enter the crypto market. Doctor Who has a global fanbase of millions, and we’re committed to making an extremely fun, high-quality and deep card game using this amazing universe and lore.



Each time a new batch is released, the price for a Founders Token will increase. We work out the exact price increases based on average sale prices on the marketplace and the number of remaining tokens remaining to be sold.



We regularly do drops of our existing card packs which are usually valued between $19.99 and $74.99. Every single one of our premium packs has had at least one free drop since launch, with some packs dropping two or three times, all completely for free. You’ll also receive free core packs for each new set automatically, allowing you to gain access to new cards and gameplay mechanics easier as the game grows.



Founders Token Holders will play a big role in development of the game as progress into closed alpha and beta stages. All Founders Token holders are guaranteed access to all public builds and will also enjoy a period of “pre-launch” access where ONLY Founders Token holders will be allowed to play. In the future, we’ll also be holding voting sessions to allow token holders to have a direct say in certain game design, balancing, and cosmetic decisions. This isn’t just about getting airdrops and discounts; it’s about being involved directly in our project.



Yes, you can sell Founders Token completely free of charge with no fee on the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart marketplace. In the future, we will enable the ability to directly export Founders Token holders onto third party marketplaces; just like we already do with our NFT cards!



Yes, some of our community members hold many Founders Tokens, and you can collect as many as you’d like. However, please note that during checkout we only allow you to buy one Founders Token per transaction in order to avoid botting and encourage fairness during sales.



Our marketplace has already traded over $520,000 of cards and tokens in less than a year and the game isn’t even out yet! This includes many high value trades on rare cards, serials and frame combinations, including multiple regular sales of $2,000 and over for single NFT cards. We regularly release new packs to keep things fresh, many of which are airdropped to the Founders Token holders, and we have plans for future marketplace features, player to player trading and much more coming in the future.



Our holders enjoy a 20% discount on all pack sales, now and in the future. They also don’t have to pay any marketplace fees. Many of our existing holders in earlier batches have saved over $1,000 alone buying, selling and trading cards with these massive discounts.



We have an active Discord community, and Founders Token holders are part of an exclusive channel which includes the developers, community management team and even the marketing guys working on the game. We talk to our Founders Token on a weekly basis, answer questions and take feedback seriously. Our CEO, Morten (AKA FatViking), regularly chats in this channel, because we think feedback, suggestions and input from our holders is vital to the success of the game. We’ve also starting to run special Founders Token holders exclusive events, streams and Q&A suggestions to keep everyone up to date with the project and our future plans.



When you buy a Founders Token, we’ll supply you with one of each of our current premium and core packs – that’s a retail value of $245 added to your account the moment you purchase. The free drops won’t stop there though – we’ve given away at least twice that value again in our random drops to our existing holders!