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Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Founders Token

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Become A Founder

Founders Tokens are minted and stored on the blockchain. Founders Tokens are ERC 721 Ethereum NFTs and can be traded in secondary markets in the future. Only 1963 Tokens will ever exist.

$ 250


Founders Exclusive Perks

1 Core, Premium and Exclusive pack worth $50 Private invite to closed Alpha & Beta games (coming in 2021) Exclusive Discord channel rank, channel & emblem Prizes Plus all 2nd hand perks too

Second Hand Buyers Perk

1 Core pack from each new release 20% discount on all packs purchased In-game attribute boost - starting with 200% experience boost Prizes along the way




Limited to 1963 tokens (the year Doctor Who first aired on TV), you are buying exclusive perks and supporting the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game.

Each token has a unique serial number and no more will ever be made.

Holding a founders token entitles you to valuable perks and rewards.

They will be sold at different stages and batches starting with 100 tokens.



Invites to the Alpha and Beta game launch of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart



Exclusive invite to Discord rank and channel.



Along the way we will be giving away unique Doctor Who prizes



One core pack will be given to each founder token holder which includes 5 cards and a random selection of character images.



Instantly get 200% experience boosts when you start playing the game.



You will receive 0 trading fees for all of your trades on the market place.