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When new packs are released, thousands of cards are sold in minutes as you all want the new cards/frames. The system creates a queue, or line, to sort through all of your orders. This is actually very common when thousands of NFTs are made one right after the other. Here is how it works:


• You buy a pack and open it on mobile or desktop

Please note, if you are able to open the same pack more than once, check your internet connection. It means the system did not get your card data to process and you have to try again.


• The platform receives the card data from when you opened your pack and sends it to the blockchain to tokenize it.

The system knows the order that all the cards were created in. With so many people opening new packs at the same time, your Asset IDs may not even end up back to back, especially if you are opening more than one pack!


• The blockchain tokenizes your cards with Asset ID and Serial and it returns the info to platform.

This where there is a long line/queue. Even though the blockchain has the information, a bottleneck is created while the information comes back to our platform and syncs up a few certificates at a time. The syncing in our platform takes hours, even though the cards have already been tokenized!


• When syncing has happened then the system knows the Asset IDs and Serials of your new cards and emails you the certificates!

You will be able to see your cards in your collection before you have the emailed certificate.

Our side of the system will take hours to catch up with the blockchain, and you will likely see that the circulation number increase before you have your own Serials.

This does not mean other people were able to skip ahead of you. It is the system catching up to the very fast blockchain.




Choose the pack(s) of your choice and simply click purchase pack. To checkout go to your shopping basket and proceed to checkout. Follow the instructions to pay with one of these options - whatever works for you.


It's really that simple.



Once your card packs have been purchased, hit the Pack button on the top menu bar.

To open your packs, drag the pack into the vortex.

Click on each card to turn them over and see what cards you have received.

Click on return to packs to open the rest of your packs or to return to your collection.

Good luck - we hope you get a great frame combo!



Currently, all "alien frame" cards in the store are limited edition and will only be available until a predetermined number of those packs have sold. That number is publicly announced when the pack goes on sale. After the maximum number of packs have been sold, we will stop producing these packs.

After that point, the only way to acquire these Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card/frame combinations is by trading them on the Marketplace.




The marketplace is where you can buy and sell your favourite Doctor Who: Worlds Apart trading cards. Use the marketplace filters to find your favourite card, frame of rarity.



To buy individual cards click on the marketplace button. You will see all of the individual cards that the community have listed for sale. Use the filters to show the different rarities / frames / seasons etc.

Once you have found the card you are looking for click on the card. You will now be taken to the card page, here you can see the cards that are for sale (there may be more than one). Each card has a unique serial number and asset ID. You can also check if you already own this card by clicking on the Cards button.

Select the card you would like to purchase by ticking the radius button next to it. Confirm you would like to continue with this transaction by clicking the buy button. Confirm transaction and add to cart. You will now be taken to your shopping basket where you can start the checkout process.



To buy bundles of cards click on the bundle button in the marketplace. You will see all of the bundles of cards that the community have listed for sale. Use the filters to show the different names / prices / bundle card quantities.

Once you have found the bundle you are looking for click on the bundle. You will now be taken to the bundle page, here you can see the cards that are for sale as part of this bundle.

Click the Buy Bundle button. You will now be taken to your shopping basket where you can start the checkout process.



To check your balance of your vUSD you can click on the refresh button next to your wallet icon on the top menu bar.

To top up your wallet with vUSD. You can use one of the following payments methods:

  • Paypal
  • Coinify
  • Credit Card



Virtual USD (vUSD) is the marketplace currency we use for you to complete your marketplace card / bundle purchases.

1 vUSD = 1 USD.

To make a purchase on the marketplace you need to have enough vUSD in your wallet. To top your wallet up see How do I top up my wallet?



Go to your collection. Click on the card you want to sell.

To add your card for sale, tick the box next to your listed card(s), click sell and add the vUSD price you would like to sell the card for in the pop up. You can sell individual cards or create a bundle of cards to sell.

You will receive confirmation that your trade is being processed. It can take up to 10 minutes for your card(s) to appear in the marketplace. You will also receive email confirmation of your listing.



All transactions have a seller's fee of 5%. This fee will be deducted from the final sale price.

For example, a card listed at $10.00 is sold, the seller will receive $9.50 to their DWWA balance.

There is no fee for listing and delisting a card on the marketplace.

If you are lucky enough to own a Founders Token, then there are no sellers' fees



Once your card has been sold you will receive confirmation via email of the successful transaction. Your vUSD balance will also update with the amount received minus the 5% seller's fee.



In addition to an email receipt being sent to you for each purchase and sale from DWWA, pack and marketplace purchase details are also available under Transactions in your user area of the site. Here you will see card history, Founder Token history and marketplace history.



Coming soon check back for more info.



There are two options to withdraw your funds, via a manual transfer via PayPal and via Coinfy (coming soon). There is a manual review period on all withdrawal requests.

You will need to pass our KYC checks before any funds can be withdrawn from the marketplace. This is done to keep us financially compliant and to keep you safe. Part of this review is a KYC check. For more information on our KYC checks please click here.

Due to significant demand, you will experience longer than usual wait times to have withdrawals enabled on your DWWA account. We appreciate your patience; our Compliance team is working as quickly as possible to make sure withdrawals are widely available. As soon as withdrawals are enabled on your account you will receive an email from us.

Conditions for withdrawing funds from your DWWA balance are:

Making one withdrawal request at a time

Withdrawing a minimum of USD $50 per withdrawal request.

Withdrawal requests will be charged an associated fee of $15 USD. This is to cover our manual processing costs.

Withdrawal requests are manually reviewed. Please allow 15 working days processing time between submitting a withdrawal request and having the funds deposited in your PayPal account or digital wallet.



To withdraw you funds via PayPal go to my wallet in the User area menu bar and click on Withdraw vUSD. You will need to pass our KYC checks before you can withdraw from the site. For more info on our KYC checks please click here.

Once you have passed the KYC check, enter your PayPal username / email where the withdrawal fund will be transferred to. You will be sent an email to this account address to verify the email address.

Once you have verified your email address, you can enter the amount you would like to withdraw (min $50 vUSD). Click on withdraw and our withdrawals team will be informed of your request.

All transactions are subject to the PayPal transaction fee. These fees vary on your location and are set by Paypal and are out of our control, by requesting the withdrawal you are confirming you accept the PayPal transaction fees. For more information of PayPal's fees click here.

If you do not have a USD account in your PayPal account, PayPal will convert the USD amount to your local currency. We have no control over this rate so by confirming the withdrawal you are confirming you accept the PayPal rate.

Due to the manual processing we will complete the withdrawal transaction within 15 working days.



If your request has been longer than 15 working days, please email [email protected]



Coming soon please check back for more details.



We store data until you ask us to delete it, or until the end of your contract. You can ask us to delete individual applicant's data through the API, the dashboard, or we can set up a rolling deletion where customer data is automatically deleted a period of time (1-90 days) after the check is completed.



DWWA uses Onfido to perform KYC checks on users. When you make your first withdrawal from DWWA you will need to pass our KYC check. This is done to keep us financially compliant and to keep you and the community safe.

You may also need to pass this KYC check if your account hits a threshold of financial activity from purchases and sales.

This check involves you uploading photo of a valid government-issued identification, (the type of ID you use will depend on your region, driving licence, passport etc). You will then be asked to take a selfie.

KYC is a one-off process, once you pass the KYC check you will be able to access the withdrawal process.

As part of our commitment to keeping our users safe, the identity check can only be performed through your DWWA account. All identification documents must be submitted through our platform – we do not accept emailed copies of your identity documents for verification.

For more information on Onfido our KYC provider please click here for their support website or here for their Terms of Use.



Head over to “My Profile” and then "Settings" and click on the "Start Verification" button. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the process.



Although uncommon, an identity check can fail once you complete the process and have submitted your information. Some of the reasons a submission can fail are:

  • An expired ID
  • A damaged ID
  • Dark or blurry photos
  • Photos with too much glare
  • Mismatched addresses (for example you've moved since your ID was generated)
  • If you're unsuccessful in your first attempt at the identity check, don't worry. You can try again.


If you are still unsuccessful in completing your KYC check then please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will work with our partner to help try and resolve the issue.



Here are a few important tips to help make sure your identity check is processed and verified:

  • Take a photo of your ID in a well-lit area, free of any glare.
  • Make sure that your ID is in focus and fully visible for the photo.
  • When taking your selfie, remain still until your photo is captured and displayed on the screen, if you move, the photo will come out blurry.
  • If you're photos are routinely coming our blurry, please try using a different device.
  • Make sure that the ID you are using is valid and has not expired.


For your own safety, please do not send personal information to us unless asked to do so. We will never ask you to send personal information to any other email address.




The turn based, trading card game will be released in Q4 2021.



No, it's very possible to win and work your way up the ranks without spending a dollar.

Although it's true that some cards are more expensive than others, a large part of balancing the game is aimed at ensuring you don't need to spend any money to have a highly competitive deck.

Because cards are tradable, it's also possible to purchase only what you need from other players to build your dream deck. Compare this to other digital trading card games where you're required to open hundreds of packs just to find that one card to compete with the meta.

At the end of the day, you can always sell your cards if the meta changes. The choice is yours.




Limited to 1963 tokens (the year Doctor Who first aired on TV), you are buying exclusive perks and supporting the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game.

Each token has a unique serial number and no more will ever be made.

Holding a Founder's Token entitles you to valuable perks and rewards.

They will be sold at different stages and batches starting with 100 tokens.



Invites to the Alpha and Beta game launch of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart



Exclusive invite to Discord rank and channel.



Along the way we will be giving away unique Doctor Who prizes and hosting competitions for Founder Token holders.



One core pack will be given to each founder token holder which includes 5 cards and a random selection of character images.



Instantly get 200% experience boosts when you start playing the game.



You will not be charged any trading fees for all your trades you make on the marketplace.




Lord President Pandak was one of the six founders of the Time Lord Society on Gallifrey, thus the Gallifreyan currency was named after him.

Pandaks are earned in a variety of ways through the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart ecosystem and are functionally a mix between referral points, store credit, and in-game currency.

1 Pandak is worth $0.01.



You can earn Pandaks several ways:

  • Invite a friend and earn 10% in Pandak rewards when they spend.
  • Daily login rewards of 10 Pandak


In the future you will be able to earn Pandaks by winning matches and completing missions in the game.



Pandaks can be spent on card packs and other items in our store at the rate of 1 USD per 100 Pandak.

If you have suggestions for the utility of the Pandaks, please write to [email protected] or in discord.gg/worldspart in the #feedback-and-suggestions channel.




NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the next generation of in-game items and collectibles. These items are tokenized with a smart contract and logged on the blockchain. This allows gamers to buy, sell and trade their in-game items or collectibles to other players with an un-hackable record of ownership. The blockchain gives gamers / collectors full ownership rights and control over their assets. NFTs can be created with rarity established and, in some cases, your digital collectible can become increasingly rare and 'one of a kind' over time, making it very valuable.



Traditionally, the companies that create games also own the items bought and sold within them outright.

So, when you buy in-game items, like a favourite skin in Fortnite, you do not actually own it, you cannot sell it to others and you almost certainly can't use it in other games.

However, creating these in-game items as NFTs gives players real ownership for the very first time. This allows you to sell these items for real money or use them in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart trading card game or, indeed, other compatible games released in the future.



Not at all. Although cards are stored on the Ethereum network, players only interact on the network when they want to trade cards with other players. All other events in the game run using industry standard technologies like Unity, allowing gameplay to be seamless.



By its current design, Doctor Who: Worlds Apart creates/mints serial numbers for each card upon pack opening. Historically, the value of NFTs has seen to lower and certain variations of serial numbers holding a greater perceived value, so we do not recommend the purchaser hold onto unopened packs at the present time.

Instead, we advise you, the purchaser, to open them immediately to receive the most benefit from your Doctor Who: Worlds Apart cards. Although it is not currently possible, and is not a priority at the present time, we are looking into allowing the sale and transfer of packs on the market, or via a secondary source after wallet transfer, in the future.




Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are digital assets encoded on a blockchain that represent ownership of a unique asset.


All NFTs operate on a blockchain network and all blockchain networks do use energy to operate. However, the amount of energy can vary considerably based on the blockchain being used and the steps taken by the company in charge of creating the NFTs. Our NFTs use a version of Ethereum technology.


Only around 1% of transactions on the Ethereum mainnet can be attributed to NFTs. Most of the energy used by Ethereum is based on the speculative worth of the currency, not on NFT trading.


How much an NFT impacts the environment depends very much on the technology behind the minting process. In 2017, RGG recognized the carbon cost of trading on the Ethereum mainnet and took steps to reduce our carbon footprint for every NFT traded through our network and games. One of the main changes we’ve already made is to establish our own sidechain.


Our sidechain has allowed us to create eNFTs, a more environmentally friendly NFT that use around as much energy for each minting as a standard online Visa transaction, far less than if we were operating on the Ethereum mainnet. This also gives our users no Ethereum gas fees, thereby further reducing energy use.



We’ll be integrating with Layer 2 networks, such as Polygon, which essentially allow us to handle more of the heavy lifting of a transaction off the blockchain. This reduces the energy use as more of the work will be done on our data servers, which already use 100% renewable energy.


Once the layer 2 network has handled some of the work, it communicates with the layer 1 network (the original mainnet) all changes which are then verified as normal. Layer 2 networks reduce carbon footprint overall when compared to the mainnet. We plan to be launching this by August 2021.


The Ethereum network will also be moving from a “Proof of Work” to a “Proof of Stake” system within the next year, which will reduce the mainnets energy consumption by as much as 90% overnight.


Read on for more information on our “Game for Earth” eNFTs and our longer-term plan for creating a sustainable NFT ecosystem.