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Three cheers for Doctor Woohoo!

It’s time to celebrate with our unmissable 60th Anniversary giveaway

23 november


Well, that was a busy 60 years of universe-exploring, disaster-averting, time-travelling amazingness! Since 1963, the heroic Doctor’s encountered the good, the bad and the distinctly unpleasant- from Atraxi to Zygons, and everything in between. And there’s even more adventures ahead! (And possibly behind?!)

When’s the party starting?

Our Doctor Who: Worlds Apart celebrations include TARDIS-shaped balloons, lashings of fish fingers and custard aaannnd… a special bonus pack offer for everyone!


We’re handing out exclusive 60th Anniversary packs for FREE every time you spend $10 in the DW:WA shop. And if you’re a Founders Token holder, even better, because you only need to spend $8 to qualify!


What will I get inside my free bonus pack?

Each 60th Anniversary pack includes a Time Lord Victorious card (without randomised serial numbers this time around) AND a specially-designed celebratory frame, which is exclusively available inside these bonus packs. It’ll make a jolly nice memento of the anniversary for you to collect and treasure.

There’s no limit to the number of free packs you can claim for each $10 spent and we’ll let you know how many you’ve qualified to receive with your order at checkout. So get stuck in before the bonus offer disappears forever at the end of January!

Now, who’s for an interstellar conga?!