A look into the future of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart  

A look into the future of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart   -


Greetings, fellow Whovians!

We have exciting times ahead, so start powering up those sonic screwdrivers, and let’s take a look at the momentous future events in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart universe.

Super Special Live Stream

The anticipation of the DW:WA team is palpable, and we’d like to invite you, the community, along for this cosmic ride.  

Mark your calendars for August 9th, 2023, at 7 PM BST, and get ready to dive into a realm of thrilling news and captivating insights.

Special Guests and Behind-the-Scenes Insights 

With the timelessly victorious Reality+ CEO Morten Rongaard [aka Fat Viking] leading the charge, prepare for an exclusive treat as members of the DW:WA development and production team make their appearance. Their presence promises first-hand insights and exciting behind-the-scenes details, offering a glimpse into the creative process that will bring this extraordinary next chapter for DW:WA to life. 

A MAJOR Milestone [and the many mini ones to come]

The live stream represents a pivotal turning point in the epic future of DWWA. The universe we love and cherish is about to expand further, introducing us to new horizons and captivating gameplay. As devoted members of the DW:WA community, this is a milestone we eagerly anticipate sharing with you all. 

[An oh so] Special Lightning Tournament 

But the celebration doesn't end there! As part of the proceedings, our community have prepared a spectacular tournament. 

Now we just need to find a suitable arena for these gargantuan battles!

Registrations are open NOW!  

Lightning Tournament Timeline

Registration: Open now - 9th August 

Group Stages: 10th - 12th August 

[Match-making through the DW:WA Discord Server ]

Elimination Stages: 13th - 14th August 

Final :14th – 15th August 

Lightning Tournament Prizes

1st Place : DW:WA Founders Token (Valued at $1000) 

2nd Place : 1 Cybernetics Pack and 1 Death Sentence Pack 

3rd Place : 1 Drip I and 1 Drip II Pack 

4th Place : 2 Core packs 

Enthusiasm Contagion Warning 

Behind the scenes, the excitement levels are off the charts, and enthusiasm is spreading fast!  To stay on the right side of the contagion, and to stay completely up to date with all DW:WA proceedings, join thousands of Whovians from around the world on our DW:WA Discord Server .  

So, set your alarms, prepare your TARDIS, register for the tournament, and make your way to the YouTube Livestream on August 9th at 7 PM BST. You will not want to miss out on these historic events!

Allons-y, fellow Whovians!