Community Release Notes 0.6.0

Community Release Notes 0.6.0 -


We are delighted to reveal the latest changes to you all. This update contains some large improvements that we have been working hard on bringing to you and that we hope you will enjoy. We can’t wait to hear your feedback with the new flow of the gameplay:

Features Introduced

  1. Phases have been introduced to speed up game time and improve the game flow:
    • Main Phase 1: where the player currently taking their turn can play cards and decide what creatures to attack with.

    • Reaction Phase: Reactions to your opponents actions have now been condensed into a single phase. Here the defending player will decide what creatures to block with and if they wish to play any Flash cards. Ending this phase will conclude all combat encounters between any attacker and defender from the left of the board to the right.

    • Main Phase 2: Here the player currently taking their turn can play any remaining cards they wish to before ending their turn.

  1. The left click menu has been removed when clicking cards in the present:

    • Left-clicking a Creature now selects it as an attacker during your turn or as a blocker during the opponent’s. This can be toggled off by clicking the Creature again. If the timer runs out while Creatures are selected, or the player presses the button below the timer, the selected Creatures will be declared as attackers/blockers.

    • Non-Creature cards with activatable abilities on the board can be activated by left clicking the card.

    • Inspecting cards can now be done by right-clicking. (In a later update, this feature will probably be changed to on mouse hovering instead.)

  2. Right-clicking while an ability is active for targeting, or while playing a targeting card, will cancel the ability/cancel playing the card.

  3. The game timer will now show during both players turn instead of only during your own turn.

    • The timer is 30s long for each phase.

    • If the phase is ended before time runs out, excess time is cumulated for the next phase for a max of 60s per phase.

    • If the phase timer runs out, the base time for that player is reduced by 10s each time. Down to 10s minimum. If they end their turn early that phase, the timer resets to default.

    • If a player's phase timer runs out 3 times in a row, they forfeit the game.

  4. A legal deck no longer requires an Environment card. As a result, Environments have been removed from the deck constrain list in the deck builder.

  5. A player will now lose the game if they have no cards left to draw in their deck and they draw a card.

  6. Max Artron is reduced from 15 to 12.

  7. When exceeding the maximum hand size of 10 any excess cards will now be Erased instead of going to the past.

  8. The Present Board has been updated with new 3D visuals and effects.

  9. When a match is found, the game window will now be brought to the front of a players screen so they won’t miss it in the case they where they are tabbed out of the game window.

  10. The Animation System has been updated, so that visual's and game logic are now separate from each other.

  11. The Collection Screen has been optimised to only load the relevant cards instead of all cards.

  12. Both Versioning and a number of Backend Systems have been optimised.

  13. The Main Menu has been optimised and visual fades have been introduced between different options.

  14. Card Changes:

Issues Fixes

  1. Occasionally Desync problems may occur where player board states end up being different from one another, eventually causing the game state to become stuck, with no timer, followed by a black screen stating: “Turn timer expired” or “ReactionWindow timer expired”.

  2. Double clicking the power to draw a card will consume 4 artron, cancel the card draw and leave the game state unable to proceed. The timer goes down until it is empty while the player is unable to end their turn by pressing the end turn button. (functional)

  3. Sometimes when a card is summoned into the present it will be visually displayed as enabled, though it is in fact disabled. (visual)

  4. Pting's Hunger does not make HP red when the creatures HP is less than its starting HP. However the values do go down as expected. (visual)

  5. Health values do not gradually show the right amount with several EXTERMINATES after the first one and in some cases they are switched around so that the shield value was suddenly transferred visually to a creature.

  6. Not all deck warnings are updated according to design, and therefore may not be as easily understandable as we would like. (text/functionality)

  7. When building a deck, if you click on a card other than the one already open, then the page doesn't reset to page 1, but instead starts on the equivalent page number for the other card's page. This only happens if the page has the same or more pages than the previous page. (functional)

  8. Currently when searching for the keyword Steal in the collection screen, any cards with the keywords Steal and Stealth in their text are shown. (functional)

  9. Pressing unowned cards in the deck builder will show the visual of the last owned card that was clicked. (visual)

  10. When a creature is newly summoned on a tile in the present, that tile glows as if the creature is enabled, however, the creature is actually disabled. (visual)

  11. Cards in your hand are casting shadows on the cards on the board, but not the board itself. (visual)

  12. Fixed that the right half of the previous page arrow button in deck edit popup window was not clickable.

  13. Fixed that Starview Card Inspector quick-access-eye was unclickable in deckbuilder popup window.

  14. Deck list section is missing when returning from 3D Starview Card Inspector after clicking the eye icon when deck building.

  15. The Mulligan Timer will now continue ticking down after the "Done" button has been pressed by the first player.

  16. Five Rounds Rapid deals its full damage a second time to the next summoned creature in the same slot.

    1. During the opponents turn, react to one of the following action with a FRR targeting a creature on board that gets killed: the activation of an ability on a card (creature, environment or Affector), an attacking creature, or a creature being played. (Actions not triggering this bug includes playing the FRR in respond to a moment or attachment getting played)

  17. The game state will become unable to proceed when the turn timer runs out if a player still hasn't chosen targets for an activated ability on a card.

  18. V-sync toggle is now working in settings, instead of always being turned on regardless of the checkmark