Death Sentence Pack Coming Soon!

Death Sentence Pack Coming Soon!:


Ahead of the release of the Death Sentence pack next week, 19th April at 3pm GMT / 10am ET, we are excited to reveal the three new frames available in this pack, Kotturuh Judgement Stone, Coffin Ship, and Emperor of the Restoration!

Find out more below about the inspiration behind the names of the frames:

The Death Sentence pack contains frames inspired by the villains of the Time Lord Victorious storyline.

Kotturuh Judgement Stone

The Kotturuh are represented by the Kotturuh Judgement Stone, also called a Mogellan Crystal, which can store enormous amounts of power.

Coffin Ship

Another ancient enemy of Gallifrey are the Vampires, which are represented by their vast spaceship, the Coffin Ship.

Emperor of the Restoration

The Daleks are represented by the Emperor of the Restoration, the Emperor that united the Daleks from the Dalek Civil War and led them into the Time War against the Time Lords of Gallifrey.

Creature Lore explained
The creatures (The Kotturuh, The Vampires and The Daleks) represented by the frames above, seek to kill and conquer for different, yet egoistic gains. None of these species had the imagination to live peacefully among each other. The Kotturuh didn’t want to give the Daleks and the Vampires a thought - they were not a part of the Great Design as the Daleks came from the very far future, and the vampires were not alive and therefore couldn’t be judged by Death. The Daleks saw the Kotturuh as a major threat, as they could wipe out the Dalek race in a glimpse and therefore planned to eliminate them all from a distance. As for the vampires, the Daleks saw a unique opportunity to improve Dalek weaponry by creating the Symbiont, an undead hybrid between a Great Vampire and a Dalek Mutant.

Death Sentence Pack Overview

  • Launch Day: 19th April
  • Pricing: $74.99 each
  • Launch Time: 3PM BST / 10AM ET
  • Set: Time Lord Victorious
  • Number of available packs: 10,000
  • Card Amounts: 10 cards each per pack
  • Frame Rarity: 33.33% / 33.33% / 33.33%
  • Frame Names: Kotturuh Judgement Stone / Coffin Ship / Emperor of the Restoration

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So, ahead of the release of the Death Sentence pack, mark your calendars for next week, Tuesday 19th April and set your alarms for 3PM BST / 10 AM ET to ensure you get your packs.


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