Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is coming to your mobile!

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is coming to your mobile! -


Greetings Whovians, 

Our amazing Doctor Who: Worlds Apart (DW:WA) universe is expanding again, because the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart MOBILE game is on its way! 

Prepare yourself for our version of regeneration, as the mobile game brings with it big and exciting changes to enjoy. We want you with us on this adventure, so whether you’re new here or a seasoned expert, this is your chance to be part of the next amazing chapter of the DW:WA story. 

The livestream big reveal! 

With so much happening, the best way to find out everything you want to know about the new mobile game is to rewatch our livestream from Wednesday 9th August 2023 at 7pm BST. You’ll get the inside scoop into what’s changed, a first look at the new game and hot-off-the-press details about where we’re heading next.  

A link to the livestream recording can be found here: A Look to the Future of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart - YouTube

Why the change? 

We’re always looking for ways to make your DW:WA experience even better, and the move to mobile will obviously bring you greater convenience and flexibility. With DW:WA on your mobile device, you’ll have adventure at your fingertips — which means you can play exactly when and where you want!  

By making the game more accessible, we hope to connect with yet more players far and wide, and grow our Whovian community. Together, we’ll crank the excitement as we battle, trade and collect our favourite online trading cards! 

For this tech launch, we invite you to test the mobile gameplay through the Mac and Windows desktop-based game launcher, and please visit the “How to Play” guide for more information on the finer points of the game. 

What’s new? 

In the mobile version of DW:WA, you’ll go on a wild journey through time, space, and the iconic Whovian universe. Expect strategic card battles with a unique Doctor Who twist!   

You can look forward to a shiny new interface and game board, Quick Play mode, re-worked cards and brilliant added gameplay features like ‘World Clashes’. Playing is quick, fun and easy to pick up - but much harder to master! 

Seriously, our future’s in YOUR hands… 

It’s crucial for us that you have the chance to provide important feedback to shape the new mobile game. So, starting from August 9th, we want you to be the first to try out the DW:WA mobile game during its pre-alpha gameplay phase.   

During this time, the game is still being developed and tested, and vital decisions are made about its design, which means that you can tell us what you think so far via our dedicated Discord feedback form, and we’ll use what you say to make things even better!

Join the Discord Community

Founders first, public access and exclusive Lightning Tournament! 

We will be throwing open the TARDIS door to the latest version of the DW:WA game from Wednesday 9th August. 

Founders Token Holders will have 24 hours to hone their skills before we turn on public access and welcome all to the fray from 7pm Thursday 10th August. 

The new gameplay will be available through the PTR server - that Founders Token Holders already have access to – and playable on Mac and Windows desktop-based game launcher. 

Access dates: 

  • Founders Token Holders: 9th August 7pm BST onwards 
  • General Public: 10th August 7pm BST – 15th August 5pm BST 

But the celebration does not end there! As part of the proceedings, our community have prepared a spectacular tournament for you all to test your skills in the new arena! 


  • Registration: Open Now - 9th August 
  • Group Stages: 10th - 12th August 
    [Match-making through the DW:WA Discord Server] 
  • Elimination Stages: 13th - 14th August 
  • Final: 14th - 15th August 

Registration is open now! 

Moving forward ... 

As well as the livestream and pre-alpha test phase, we’re working on upcoming ‘mini’ milestones, including the introduction of a Deck Builder feature, which will allow you to customise your decks and hone your strategies. Plus, new quests will offer thrilling challenges and rewards.  

Through 2023 (and beyond …) 

Towards the end of this year, DW:WA will undergo a mobile ‘soft’ launch. During this time, we’ll be fine-tuning the game based on your feedback and paving the way for a successful and seamless global launch in Q2 2024!  

For now, remember to watch the livestream and look out for our next news update for exciting details on how to play the new game. As always, you can also check our Discord for all the very latest information and updates!