DWWA November Dev Update

DWWA November Dev Update:


Greeting Whovians, 

We would like to share a development update with you regarding the current progress on Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. Since July 2021 there have been many new additions to the team, and we are continuing to scale and hire key positions within the studio. I joined RGG as Head of Studio and have been busy ensuring the foundations for development are as solid as they can be before we add the upcoming meta features to the game. Other new starters include Marcie (Game Designer), Holo (3D Artist), Emily (3D Artist) and Michael (UX Designer).  

Recent changes to the game include using server authentication for multiplayer instead of the initial peer to peer approach. This massively reduces the risk of exploits and cheats. We’ve also removed the patching solution we were using for now as it was presenting us with issues, we plan to implement a new patching/launcher solution next year.  

Our focus has been working on the Early Access build, available to Founders Token holders, which is due to be released before the end of 2021. A huge amount of work has taken place behind the scenes with adjustments to the back-end and game logic, as well as a great deal of care and attention going into the gameplay modifications and scene visuals/User Experience. 

We hope to announce a launch date for the Early Access build soon, however we want to continue internal testing, bug fixing and polishing until we have a build that we are confident in distributing to players… it is not that far away!

An example of some visual changes is the remodeling of the Skaro environment, previously seen in marketing materials and during the live Gamerjibe event. We are incredibly happy with this new direction, and we are excited to talk more about the approach we have settled on for progression through different iconic Doctor Who locations. 

Skaro as seen in ‘The Magician's Apprentice S9 Ep1

Some of the new assets that will be heading onto the game board in time for the Early Access build. We are incredibly happy with this new direction, and we are excited to talk more about the approach we have settled on for progression through different iconic Doctor Who locations. 

We are desperate to share the entire fresh look of the core gameplay scene, but we also do not want to spoil the impact of having it in the Early Access build, so the above image is a little teaser. If you’re not a Founders Token holder though, don’t worry – we'll be sharing content of this build far more regularly once it’s released, including regular streams featuring developers, designers and community members. There will also be a chance to own a Founders Token through our sale which we will be announcing full dates for in December. 

We are also working on a new roadmap to be released which shows the upcoming major feature releases as well as internally planning the ‘meta’ game to be added from early 2022. This includes features outside of the main gameplay such as ‘progression and ranking’, ‘tasks/quests’ and ‘player avatars and profiles’ to name a few.  

 Next year we will be looking to propose a system that allows us to balance the cards within the game for both functional and aesthetic purposes. This will also need to consider what happens to the visuals of the NFTs outside of the game client. We are treating this proposal very seriously and want the community to be looked after whilst giving us the flexibility to make the gameplay as entertaining and balanced as possible. More on this in 2022! 

To finish this update, we are extremely excited to be close to having a live build out in the world for players to experience. We massively value community feedback and will communicate the methods to provide this closer to the release of the Early Access build in the coming weeks.  

Thanks for your time, 

Adam (Head of Studio) & the DWWA Dev Team

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