Greetings Whovians,

New Time Lord Victorious: Lair of Shadows packs have arrived! Arm yourself with this new vampire-inspired release and receive a FREE bonus pack with each purchase of the first 1,000 packs of Drip I AND Drip II.

Along with the chance to get free packs, you can look forward to receiving Time Lord Victorious cards with added bite, thanks to FOUR stunning new vampiric frames. And don’t forget you can now also unlock fully playable versions of the new cards you receive, for use in game.

If you’re still thirsty for more, these new packs are tradable and feature the exciting introduction of randomised serial numbers – a first for Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. This Time Lord Victorious: Lair of Shadows release will be available to buy now in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart store, at a cost of $29.99 per pack of TEN cards.

You can catch up on all the exciting details from the team in our previous YouTube live stream which took place last week.

To celebrate the release of Lair of Shadows: Drip I and Drip II, be sure to join our next live stream event later today at 6pm BST where we will be hosting a PACK OPENING PARTY!

Introducing Drip I and Drip II...

All 55 Time Lord Victorious (TLV) playable cards will be available within this release, together with the four new frames, which will be sold across two pack variations: Drip I and Drip II. Two of the four frames, Great Vampire and Vampire Sisters, can only be found in Drip I packs. Your chance of receiving each of the two frames is 50/50 but, as the cards are allocated randomly, the ratio of frames will vary per pack.

The remaining two frames, Blood Cylinder and Cucurbite, will be exclusively found in Drip II packs, once again with a randomised 50/50 drop ratio.

FREE Extra Bite bonus packs

This latest release comes with a nice, juicy bonus in the form of FREE Extra Bite packs! Each Extra Bite contains a TLV playable card featuring an EXCLUSIVE Salient Armour frame.

You will receive one of these bonus packs with every purchase of the first 1,000 Drip I packs AND the first 1,000 Drip II packs. This means the total number of Extra Bite packs is limited to 2,000. As all 55 existing TLV cards are included in this bonus release, each recipient has a tasty chance of discovering one of the cards with a coveted #1 serial number.

Extra Bite packs will be automatically airdropped into your wallet following the successful purchase of eligible Drip I and Drip II packs.

The Doctor doesn’t do linear and now neither do we

In previous releases, serial numbers were allocated to cards sequentially but we wanted to keep things exciting and unpredictable – so we have changed this system. Serial numbers will now be allocated to cards in a random order, regardless of when you purchase or open your packs. From now on everybody purchasing packs - or receiving them for free in our giveaway - will have the same chance of receiving low serial numbers.

 Fresh frames to collect and trade

You must have already admired the obvious beauty of the new hand-drawn TLV: Lair of Shadows frames, and of course, there are brand new lock-ups for you to collect or trade when the Vampire Sisters, Great Vampire or Cucurbite frames come combined with their TLV playable card counterpart!

The Extra Bite frame and four frames from Drip I and Drip II, have been applied to all 55 TLV playable cards meaning 275 new card variants will be available to collect and trade. As usual, the TLV playable cards and frames you receive will vary in their rarity, making some cards especially valuable. There will be 220 cards with the coveted #1 serial number to look out for in Drip I and Drip II packs.

Get armed to the teeth with battle-ready cards

Following on from the changes made in the last TLV release, all of the cards you receive in this release are also playable once they have been unlocked. Find more information about how this works in our February 2023 article here.

It’s not quite the end

This TLV: Lair of Shadows release is oozing with excitement but we have one last thing to tell you: unopened Drip I and Drip II packs are also tradable in the marketplace - yet another first!

Now it’s the end…for now.

Until next time - we hope you emerge victorious in all of your battles and become immortalised for your greatness in the pages of our Discord.


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