Founders Token Sale FAQ

Founders Token Sale FAQ -


Greetings everyone!

With our third Founders Token sale just around the corner, here are some answers to popular questions about the sale, the token, and what to expect on January 11th .

What is a Founders Token?

The Founders Token is a limited edition token which grants the holder access to a huge range of benefits around our upcoming NFT card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart.

There will only ever be 1,963 tokens available, but you can trade your token on the marketplace at any time.

With this limited number available, the first release of Founders Tokens were sold for $250 and sold out within days. Since then, tokens have traded hands for more than $3,000 on the marketplace. If you hold at least one token, you’ll be a part of an exclusive club to one of the biggest licensed titles to enter the blockchain market. Doctor Who has a global fanbase of millions, and we’re committed to making an extremely fun, high-quality and deep card game with this amazing, lore-rich universe.

When does the sale begin?

The sale begins on January 11th at 3PM GMT / 10AM EST and will run until all tokens are sold out.

How can I buy a Founders Token?

To buy a token, you'll first need to load up your Doctor Who: Worlds Apart wallet with "vUSD", our virtual currency. To do this, simply click "View Wallet" under your username and then specify an amount of vUSD that you want to buy. 1 vUSD is equal to $1, so you will need 1000 vUSD in your account to buy a Founders Token.

You can buy vUSD with credit cards, crypto via Coinify, or using PayPal. We use the vUSD system to ensure complete fairness as different payment methods can take different amount of time to verify, so using our own currency means instantaneous payments and fairness for every buyer. For the best results, we strongly recommend loading vUSD any time before January 11th.

What are the key benefits of the Founders Token?

Holding a token makes you a VIP in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart ecosystem and community, with access to exclusive Discord channels and events.

This year, the game will be launching worldwide and our token holders will have access to regular airdrops, a permanent site-wide discount on card packs and zero fee trading in our marketplace. The Founders Token is about so much more than trading. Our holders are a crucial part of our community and have early access to game builds and the opportunity to feedback on every stage of development. For a full list of benefits, check out the Founders Token page.

Why should you invest in this game?

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is a hugely ambitious project in the blockchain space.  Reality Gaming Group, the developers and publishers of Worlds Apart, have been working on NFT game projects since 2017, and include staff with expertise from major video game and tech companies around the world.

We are also committed to working on an amazing brand! We're taking full advantage of the lore behind one of the most beloved shows in the world to create a deep, tactical card game. We're not making another quick clone of an existing game - we're creating something that takes full advantage of the breadth and depth of the expansive Doctor Who universe and provides a unique experience. In turn, an engaging game will help our marketplace thrive and reward our players.

We released our Early Access build for Founders Token holders in December, and in 2022 we plan to launch the game worldwide, so we've got a very exciting year ahead of us.

Where can I learn more?

If you have any questions jump on our Discord and/or join our next stream on Monday 10th January by following us on Twitch.

Thanks for your time, 

Rob & the DWWA Team