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26 February


Greetings Whovians

We've spent a lot of time lately thinking about how to best reward the Founder's Token holders at the heart of our Whoniverse for their invaluable loyalty and support. At last, we can let the cosmic cat out of the bag and spill the beans on the brilliant new benefits.

Sasha and Commander Dave's video update explains all about the additional rewards we're launching for holders now AND they give a first look at what we're planning after full launch. Happily, rewards are assigned per token and NOT per holder, so if you hold multiple tokens, you'll get the benefits you deserve.

What are the new rewards?

Along with the existing rewards holders already receive, we're boosting the benefits with some very nice new additions:
  • Ongoing — Two of our latest card packs FREE every month: Look out for monthly Free Pack Fridays!
  • The Biggest Air Drop EVER — Or BADE, as we probably won't be calling it, will see FIVE exclusive Founder's Packs dropped into the accounts of every Founder's Token holder. Remember, packs are awarded per token, so more tokens means more packs. The Founder's Pack contains five random collectibles of varying rarity — and for the Biggest Air Drop Ever, we'll be upping the drop rates of Rare, Epic and Legendary collectibles!
  • Ongoing — Exclusive pack FREE with EVERY new release: Similar to above, any time there's a new pack release, Founder's Token holders receive an updated Founder's Pack of collectibles for each token they own.
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What else can I look forward to post-launch?

We're busy working on the full post-launch details so we can't tell you everything yet, but here's some spoilers to whet your appetite!
  • FREE in-game currency EVERY month
  • FREE Season Pass EVERY month
  • Exclusive Founder's Token cosmetics EVERY season
  • Access to exclusive competitions & tournaments
  • Your name in the game — Founder's Token holders named in the game credits
  • And that's not all – there'll be even more perks added as we go.

What should I know about Founder's Tokens?

Founder's Tokens are the rarest of DW:WA collectible items, especially now they are no longer available to buy in the DW:WA Shop. BUT even if you don't own one yet, there's still options. Founder's Tokens can be found on the Marketplace AND we also have a small amount we plan to offer as extra special prizes for DW:WA tournaments and competitions.

To stay fully informed about Founder's Tokens and ALL things DW:WA visit our Discord server and join our friendly community. Or, if you're thinking it's about time you had a Founder's Token of your own, visit the Marketplace to find out what’s currently up for grabs.


The Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Team