It’s time to Battle

It’s time to Battle:


Greetings Whovians,

The Time Lord Victorious evolution is complete!

Our latest game update - version 0.10 - has now gone live and the new Playable Time Lord Victorious (TLV) cards have now been activated and are now unlocked for playing in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game.

For those of you that had Legacy TLV cards in your collection when the snapshot was taken (5pm UTC, Tuesday 21st FEB), please hold tight: your new Playable TLV cards should be available in your collection imminently.

For existing users, you can view your collection here.

For new users, please create an account at and download the game here.

Going forward, once Playable TLV cards have been airdropped to all respective holders during the above noted snapshot, there will be only two ways to obtain the new playable TLV cards:

  1. Buy Playable TLV packs from our store while supplies last - when they go on sale.
  2. Jump into the marketplace to get that specific new Playable TLV card(s) that you have an eye on.

New Playable TLV cards are ready for battle!

Now that you have had time to marvel at the new playable TLV cards in your collection, in all their might and glory with visually enhanced artwork and frames, the time has come to put them to the test in battle*.

Old Version

New Version Playable

For those who are battle tested, you will be familiar with the following, but for any new Whovians looking to enter the battle for the first time, let the below steps be your guide:

  • Download Doctor Who: Worlds Apart version 0.10 from the launcher here: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Game Launcher (
  • Start the updated game on your PC
  • Before the game starts you will be prompted to log in to your account via the same credentials you used to log into the website
  • The game will automatically check your collection on your account and sync your collection in the client
  • When you go into the deck builder you will see that the new playable TLV cards, that were airdropped to all collectors for holding the Legacy TLV cards through the 21st FEB snapshot, are displayed in the deck builder
  • Add the new Playable TLV cards to your existing deck(s) or build completely new decks
  • Select your preferred deck and hit play and enjoy the new cards throughout your battles

Impact of new playable TLV cards on current live Free training cards (FTC)

Initially we had 60 (FTC) free training cards*(cards that are usable in game but can’t be traded in the marketplace) live in the game available to all players. With the introduction of the 55 new playable TLV cards (50 in pack because of world card levels and one special card not available in packs), this increases the available cards supply by +45% if you own the playable TLV cards and they are in your collection.

*There were initially four total major archetypes among the free training cards (FTC). With the introduction of the new playable TLV cards, three new archetypes (Hond, Kotturuh, and Vampires) will also be available to players. Each new archetype has a specific new gameplay style.


  • Their main ability is that they gain buffs when they are injured, so they are natural strong blockers
  • Which leads to a defensive playstyle, with creatures having strong base stats
  • You can use event cards to deal aoe damage to hurt your enemies and buff your Honds

Key cards that represent the Honds archetype and how they will help you in battle:

Devolving Hond:

  • In a game where the next drawn card could turn the tide, Devolving Hond grants you a unique advantage; injure it and your hand will quickly fill up with fresh options drawn from your Future. Handle with care, as it will also damage your shield each time!

Hond Swarm:

  • Hond cards are about controlling the board and directing the flow of the game. Playing Hond Swarm at the right moment can tip the balance in your favour by rescuing your most important creature from an untimely end. Restore it safely to your hand whilst summoning two Primordial Ooze to put pressure on your opponent.


  • Their main tactic is debuffing creatures, while themselves having creatures with high health
  • This leads to a control playstyle
  • Kotturuh can manipulate combat stats to gain an advantage, or even swap them to make a surprise block or attack
  • Kotturuh can decrease health in order to buff their attack, making them able to deal a lot of damage if done correctly

Key cards that represent the Kotturuh archetype and how they will help you in battle:

Judgement Stone:

  • Ever heard the phrase: "a good offence is the best defence"? This is quite literally the case for Judgement Stone, which matches a Creature's Attack stat to its HP. Activate it to transform your defensive walls into terrifying high-attack nightmares - or use it strategically to wither the strength of enemy Creatures.


  • This Unique Legendary Creature can rally your forces at a critical moment, restoring a target’s health by 5 points. Determining the right time to accept defeat is crucial to using Inyit skilfully, as its secondary ability will set all Creatures’ HP to 5 On Death, which could make or break the game for either player. (Hint: Inyit and Judgement Stone make for a deadly combination...)


Their main keyword is Bloodthirst:

  • Bloodthirst is a keyword that triggers when a Vampire deals damage to another creature to gain a buff
  • This is to represent the narrative of vampires requiring blood to keep their strength
  • This will favour a more aggressive playstyle and give target selection a high priority

Key cards that represent the Vampires archetype and how they will help you in battle:


  • Works best when flanked by a horde of low-cost vampires. By sacrificing these one-by-one as it fights enemy Creatures, Hugo can deal continuous damage to the enemy's shield. Watch out though - starved of a ready supply of minions, Hugo will take himself out!

Dinner is Served:

  • A truly bloodthirsty way to clear the Present of Creatures. Save it for when your Vampires have the edge over the enemy - not only will they chew through the opponent's front row, but dealing damage to enemy creatures will trigger Vampires' Bloodthirst abilities, strengthening them for a devastating assault next turn!

The evolution of the TLV card set into playable cards was only the beginning. Let’s just say 2023, has some exciting things planned for Whovians within The Doctor Who: Worlds Apart ecosystem. Stay tuned for more details!

Until then may you be victorious in all of your battles, and may the stories of those epic battles reverberate throughout our Discord

The Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Team


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