Life Sentence and Death Sentence Packs Coming Soon!

Life Sentence and Death Sentence Packs Coming Soon!:


We are excited to release two brand new packs from the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card set: “Time Lord Victorious”, Life Sentence releasing next week on 22nd March and Death Sentence releasing 19th April!

Key Facts

Life Sentence Pack Launch Day: 22nd March

    • Death Sentence Pack Launch Day: 19th April
    • Pricing: $74.99 each
    • Launch Time: 3PM GMT / 11AM EST
    • Set: Time Lord Victorious
    • Card Amounts: 10 cards each per pack
    • Frame Rarity: 33.33% / 33.33% / 33.33%
    • Life Sentence Frame Names: TLV Sonic / Brian, the Ood / Dark Times
    • Death Sentence Frame Names: Kotturuh Judgement Stone / Coffin Ship / Emperor of the Restoration

These two packs really tap into the lore from the book Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead.

In the book, The Knight, the Fool and the Dead, the 10th Doctor takes the fight up with Death itself. The Bringers of Death, the Kotturuh, are working tirelessly on the Great Design which is presenting Death as a common extension to life to every species in the universe in the Dark Times. As for the Crystal Moth, some species are given a lifespan of millions of years before they meet death, other species are not so lucky and are extinct in seconds by the hand of the Kotturuh.

The 10th Doctor, driven mad by the idea of being the sole survivor of the Time War, the Time Lord Victorious, saw the Kotturuh as the enemy of life and decided to fight them and their design. He gave them a choice, two phials. One containing a Sentence of Life and the other a Sentence of Death. He met with the Kotturuh on the planet Mordeela and as the Kotturuh didn’t act according to the Time Lord Victorious’ will, he cracked open the phial containing the Sentence of Death.

The Life Sentence pack contains some of the (anti) heroes of the TLV story, where the Tenth Doctor is represented by the TLV Sonic. We get introduced to Brian, the Ood, as a trained assassin, killing mercilessly, but only for a profitable contract. He joined forces with the Tenth Doctor in the Dark Times, and together they won the Battle of Mordeela and defeated the Kotturuh and they defended Gallifrey from the Daleks. In the end, Brian chooses to assist refugees to settle on the planet of Birinji, which is depicted on the pack art.

The Death Sentence pack contains frames inspired by the villains of the TLV-storyline. The Kotturuh are represented by the Kotturuh Judgement Stone, also called a Mogellan Crystal, which can store enormous amounts of power. The Daleks are presented by the Golden Emperor of the Restoration, the Emperor that united the Daleks from the Dalek Civil War and led them into the Time War against the Time Lords of Gallifrey. Another ancient enemy of Gallifrey are the Vampires, which are represented by their vast spaceship, the Coffin Ship.

So, mark your calendars for Tuesday 22nd March and 19th April and set your alarms for 3PM GMT / 11 AM EST to ensure you get your packs.

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