Life Sentence Pack Out Tomorrow!

Life Sentence Pack Out Tomorrow!:


Ahead of the release of the Life Sentence Pack tomorrow, 22nd March at 3pm GMT / 11am EST, we are excited to reveal the three new frames available in this pack, TLV Sonic, Brian, the Ood and Dark Times!

The Life Sentence pack contains some of the (anti) heroes of the TLV story. Find out more below about the lore behind the names of the frames:

TLV Sonic

'TLV Sonic' frame reveal

The TLV Sonic Frame was introduced to this pack as it represents the Tenth Doctor. The TLV Sonic has been clothed in golden gallifreyan inscriptions. The Tenth Doctor fights an internal crisis with his former selves of being the Time Lord Victorious, while defending the young Space Lords on Gallifrey from the cruel Time Squad and the Dalek Symbiont.

Brian, the Ood

'Brian, the Ood' frame reveal

We get introduced to Brian, the Ood, as a trained assassin, killing mercilessly, but only for a profitable contract. He joined forces with the Tenth Doctor in the Dark Times, and together they won the Battle of Mordeela and defeated the Kotturuh and they defended Gallifrey from the Daleks. In the end, Brian chooses to assist refugees to settle on the planet of Birinji, which is depicted on the pack art.

Dark Times

'Dark Times' frame reveal

The Dark Times frame is put in this pack because before the Kotturuh introduced death to this era of the universe, life was all it knew.

As with the beautiful story about Brian’s turn from bad to good, and the Tenth Doctor’s long and emotional journey from being the self-proclaimed Time Lord Victorious, to doubting if he’s a fool instead, the description of the Dark Time-space is beautiful in itself:
“In a way, the Dark Times were not well named; the image of space was not uniform black, pricked with stars as in his age. It was clumpy, with stars of so many colours ranged across the void in ragged streamers. Distant galaxies were still close enough to be seen unaided, haunting the void like eerie phantoms.” (from “The Knight, the Fool and the Dead”).

Key Facts

  • Life Sentence Pack Launch Day: 22nd March
  • Pricing: $74.99 each
  • Launch Time: 3PM GMT / 11AM EST
  • Set: Time Lord Victorious
  • Card Amounts: 10 cards each per pack
  • Frame Rarity: 33.33% / 33.33% / 33.33%
  • Life Sentence Frame Names: TLV Sonic / Brian, the Ood / Dark Times

Remember, there’s still time to be one of five lucky winners to win a Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Life Sentence pack. Be sure to enter to win at the link below:

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So ahead of the release of the Life Sentence Pack, mark your calendars for tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd March and set your alarms for 3PM GMT / 11AM EST to ensure you get your packs.


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