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23 november


Greetings Whovians 

Three cheers for the Doctor’s big day AND more big changes for Doctor Who: Worlds Apart…

Hip hip WHOORAY! Unlimited access to the game is back and the PC version of the game will once again be permanently open to everyone, all of the time, day or night, 24/7, 365!

Hip hip WHOORAY! We’re also releasing some small but mighty tweaks to the gameplay experience!

Hip hip WHOORAY! Testing for our upcoming mobile app is kicking off!

Join Sasha and Darren for a quick look at what’s been going on around here…

So, I can play on PC whenever I fancy?

Yes! Today we’re making the PC version of the game permanently available to anyone and everyone. Which means there’s always a game of DW:WA waiting for you whenever you’re ready to play!

We’re breaking out our mobile version too! First up, we’re inviting Founder's Token holders and their friends and family to test the new mobile app. Look out for more details and a link to the mobile playtest if you’re a Founder's Token holder. If not, watch this space for further news on this!

Game launcher updateaunch

Remember, we’re still in the testing phase for mobile AND PC sooo there'll be ongoing gameplay updates, and we’re sorry but you may find your progress gets reset from time to time.

Game launcher update

What else is changing?

We’ve given the user interface across the game a smart new makeover and excitingly, we’ll be rolling this out to the website too! Look out for the quest notifications and animations we’ve added to the main menu and some subtle tweaks to stuff like the constant effects and the tutorial. It’ll make for a slicker, better flowing experience!

So, get stuck in and enjoy all the lovely unlimited access you can get on your PC! And do your friends and family a favour and get them playing too ─ all they need is the DW:WA launcher to start them off.

Last but not least, make sure you stay updated about our exciting 60th anniversary celebrations – keep an eye on our Discord server so you don’t miss out!