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The Cybermen

1 year ago


On the 8th of October, 1966, the BBC began airing the Doctor Who story, The Tenth Planet. These episodes featured the first on-screen regeneration of the Doctor.
They also introduced a new villain, the Cybermen, created by Dr. Kit Pedler.

The Cyber Lord from “The Next Doctor” (2008). Drawn by Angelica Donarini.

A long time ago, Earth had a twin planet. It was called Mondas and was very much like it’s sibling, green and blue. The inhabitants of Mondas shared a parallel evolution with Earth and were inhabited by dinosaurs, Silurians and eventually humans.

Mondas and Earth also shared the same orbit around the sun, but when the Earth’s moon was formed, it forced Mondas onto a course away from both the Earth and the sun, making the conditions of life impossible - or at least human life.

In order for the Mondasians to survive they needed to adapt, and they eventually became what we know as Cybermen.

Mondas, Genesis of the Cybermen, drawn by Nick.

The Story of a Cyborg

The main problem for the humans from Mondas was that evolution couldn’t keep up with the fast changes in their environment. The scientists of Mondas had to rely on their knowledge to survive the dead and cold surroundings, so they upgraded the human bodies.

The scientists removed various organs and replaced them with technology and plastic.
To survive the bittercold reality, they removed the Cybermens’ emotions, as they would complicate their survival.The Cybermens’ ultimate goal is to upgrade every human to become like them.

A Cyberman from modern Doctor Who. Drawn by Marco Dotti.

Cybermen In-game

In the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game, the Cybermen are part mechanical and part organic. They are all “the same” as their personality and character traits are deleted along with their emotions.

The way the game portrays the Cybermen is inspired by the scene in Doomsday (2006), in which a Cyberman gets upgraded to the new Cyber-Leader via a simple and quick download. Therefore, we have chosen to create more generic non-Companion Cybermen, for example a Cyber-Guard and a Cyber-Warrior rather than actual Cyber-companions.

Cyber-Bill Potts, a Cyber-companion. Drawn by Angelica Donarini.

Still, there are some exceptions: The Cyber-converted Bill Potts withstood her Cyber-Conversion and retained her emotions and opinions in the episodes World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls (2017).

You will be Upgraded!

“Upgrade” is a subtype to the Card Type called “Attachments”. Attachments are cards that represent weapons, technologies or wearables such as the “Dalek Gunstick”, “Chameleon Field” and the “Eleventh’s Fez”.

These Upgrades and Attachments have good synergies with the Cybermen, as the various leaders of different Cyber-fractions can distribute their knowledge to other Cybermen. The Cyber Leader and Cyber Controller both have positive synergies with Upgrades and can create a strong Cyber-Army to victory.

The Cyber-Leader from “Attack of the Cybermen” (1985). Drawn by Kris Chua.

Old tech

The cybermen cards have great synergy with Attachments which add complexity to the Cybermen. The cards in a Cyber-deck have a purpose and must be played in the right order to give the Cyber-army the best outcome.

Cards such as “Disarm” and UNIT Cards with the Gather Intel-keyword, are great opponents against the Cybermen since they strip them off their Upgrades and use them against you. As Kate Lethbridge-Stewart told the Cybermen in London in 2014: “Sorry, you left this behind on one of your previous attempts.” (Death in Heaven, 2014)

“You will become like us”

The Cybermen are interesting in many ways. Dr. Kit Pedler, the creator of the Cybermen, created this species as a reaction to contemporary perception of biology and technology, but also to the ideas and beliefs of the future of the human race.

The Cybermen can make you reflect on how humans might end up in our future, considering the biotechnological improvements already made.

The Eleventh Doctor upgraded to the Cyber-Planner, the self appointed Mr. Clever.
Drawn by Kris Chua.
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