The Daleks

The Daleks:


Doctor Who first presented The Daleks in the eponymously-titled story on the 21st of December, 1963. These villains are today considered one of the greatest enemies of the show’s protagonist the Doctor.

Created by Terry Nation, their personality and mindset are inspired by various groups of fascists throughout modern human history. A popular interpretation is that they portray an exaggeration and even a parody of the Nazis.

They have screaming, robotic voices and were designed with a gunstick pointing straight ahead, and a “plunger” always extending up into the air. What’s more, a single, iconic and menacing eyestalk that quite literally forces them to perceive the world through a narrow lens.

The Daleks’ philosophy is akin to that of the Nazis: races can be divided hierarchically, and the Dalek race is superior to everyone else. Their downright evil quest is to EX-TER-MI-NATE every other race in existence.

A generic Dalek card, the standard foot trooper in a TARDIS-frame.
Drawn by Kris Chua.

How to build a Dalek

In the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game, the team has decided to give some Daleks the keyword “EXTERMINATE”. Which means that the Dalek automatically attacks a chosen target directly at the start of your turn.

In the series, Daleks want to exterminate everything that isn’t Dalek or which doesn’t have strategic value in their quest. Very often though, the Daleks’ orders to EXTERMINATE come from a leading Dalek or Davros, their creator.

Daleks are aggressive. They seek to exterminate the lives of their opponent entirely as quickly as possible.

The keyword, EXTERMINATE, makes the Dalek fight another specific creature in the beginning of your turn. This disables the Dalek for the rest of your turn. If the opponent can’t deliver what the Daleks want to kill, the Dalek can attack the opponent directly.

Daleks don’t exterminate each other. If you meet your opponent in a Dalek mirror-match, the present will be filled with Daleks who all refuse to exterminate each other. As they can’t find any non-Daleks other than you and your opponent, they will all begin exterminating you both.

“You are superior in only one respect. You are better at dying.” - Dalek Sec (Doomsday, 2006) Drawn by Marco Dotti.

Rebel Daleks

Though some Daleks have been blessed with a very extreme hate towards every other race, we’ve created some Daleks with other synergies:

As a counter card to the Daleks, the episode “Into the Dalek” (2014) introduces a “good” Dalek - Rusty. Rusty is a faulty Dalek and wants to exterminate every Dalek.

Rusty is physically and mentally equipped like every other Dalek and will therefore exterminate a Dalek every turn.

Daleks can show up in other circumstances.
A Rusty combo-ed with a Chula Nanogenes can turn every creature in the present into Rusty. Now watch them EXTERMINATE each other!

A Dalek Sec can transform into the Human-Dalek Hybrid by sacrificing a human, but it doesn’t have to be Mr. Diagoras from episodes Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks (2006).

The Human-Dalek Hybrid: Dalek Sec from the Cult of Skaro merges with Mr. Diagoras to imagine new ways for players to win. Drawn by Marco Dotti.

Over 60 years of Doctor Who, we’ve learnt a lot about the Daleks. How they emerged as a species, the Thousand Year War against the Thals, the Movellans, the Time War and many more. We’ve also learnt that there is a genetically engineered being with an eye and tentacles inside the casing.

Dalek Caan, the Abomination, drawn by Marco Dotti.

Daleks are Superior

When you’ve watched, read or listened to Doctor Who, you’ll know that a Dalek will only fight for the Dalek race. In the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game, it’s not really different, as Daleks will take over the match if they become too strong in numbers.

The result is the same as seen in Revolution of the Daleks (2021), Day of Reckoning from the new animated series Daleks! (2020), Daleks in Manhattan, Evolution of the Daleks (2006) and Victory of the Daleks (2010). But in the right environments, if you play your cards right, you can make a Dalek do the dirty work for you.

A Dalek Invasion Force ready to invade Earth. Drawn by Marco Dotti.

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