The Silurians

The Silurians:


In 1970, the story Doctor Who and the Silurians, written by Malcom Hulke and aired on the BBC, presented a new species to the vast universe of Doctor Who. Only this time, these creatures seemed to have a valid and ancient right to the ownership of planet Earth.

The Silurians are a reptilian humanoid species. They were the natural inhabitants of prehistoric Earth. They were a civilised species that was more technologically advanced than humans today.

Silurian Researcher. Drawn by Francisco Badilla.

Some Silurian tribes went underground in hibernation when the moon was formed as they thought it was on a crash course to Earth. Others stayed on the surface, mingled with dinosaurs and explored the unknown.

New Times, New Villians

The Silurians added something different to the show as they considered humans as the invaders of their land. This resulted in the two races having to negotiate an agreement for both species to cohabit on the surface of Earth.

In the Silurians’ TV debut Doctor Who and the Silurians, the Third Doctor was exiled on Earth with a TARDIS broken by the Time Lords. On Earth, he worked as the Scientific Advisor for UNIT and drove around in a car called Bessie.

Green Aliens in your Future

In the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game, the ability to draw cards or to see the future is given to the different psychics, academics, time travellers or very curious characters. The Curious Paleontologist draws a card for you if you control another Silurian or Dinosaur.

The Psych Patient, who went mad after witnessing a dinosaur in a cave in the 20th century, draws the next Silurian from your future. In addition to the card drawing mechanics, the Silurians offer a broad variety of positive effects for your card deck to combine with.

The Silurian Sentinels from The Hungry Earth (2010). Drawn by Francisco Badilla.

Many Silurian have direct synergy with Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex and the Ankylosaurus Pack, are big creatures with many card stats. The Silurian Researcher can bring these creatures back from the past, and the Expert Dinosaur Tamer gives them extra card stats.

Eldane, Tribe Leader. Drawn by Francisco Badilla.

The first set of DW:WA cards explores the episodes The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood (2010). The main Silurian characters are all present: the warmongering Restac and her sister Alaya, the curious scientist Malohkeh and the patient leader, Eldane.

Odd (and lethal) fishes

This specific tribe of Silurians, hidden under the Welsh city, Cwmtaff, had the ability to stretch out their tongue in a venomous attack that would slowly kill the target. This ability has been converted to the keyword “Lethargic Poison”.

Lethargic Poison means that after a creature has taken damage from a Silurian with the keyword, the creature takes one additional damage and loses one attack, which adds to the variety of the Silurians.

The Silurians, when discovered by the Third Doctor in 1970, didn’t have that ability. Instead, they used a third eye located on their forehead to either stun enemies or break through concrete material with a high pitched noise.

Reckless Scout, drawn by Francisco Badilla.

The Lethargic Poison makes the Silurians quite useful to trade with the opponent’s creatures, since they can take on creatures bigger than themselves.

Poison, love and Harmony

There are different ways to play your Silurians: bring them all to your future and bring their dinosaur-friends with them in a scary deck that features big creatures and lots of different utilities to help you draw the next big creature.

Or, you could just bring Eldane, Tribe Leader in your pacifistic combo-deck. When Eldane is present, no organic creatures can attack. If you’re still unsure about the situation, you can use one or four Zygon Morphers to copy Eldane to completely freeze the game. Let’s just hope your opponent doesn’t play Daleks.

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