The Time Lord Victorious Evolution Begins

The Time Lord Victorious Evolution Begins -


Greetings Whovians, 


The evolution of Time Lord Victorious (TLV) cards is near! 

As discussed, and in various communications from the team over these past few months, we’ve alluded to the future and what that future would look like for Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. 

Let’s have a quick recap! 

Back in October 2022 - on the 21st of that month - we communicated our hopes and dreams for the future: 

“The future is all about cards! We'll be focusing now on increasing the depth and breadth of our core gameplay with cards mainly from the TLV set, with a goal to complete a whole set of playable TLV cards within the next few main releases of the game.” 
DW:WA team October 21st 2022

Over the past two updates - Versions 0.9 and 0.9.1 - we have steadily worked towards that future with the release of 55 new playable TLV cards. These cards currently reside on our Private Test Realm (PTR) and are exclusive to our Founders Token Holders (FTH). Visit here for a rundown of the patch notes. 

After fabulous feedback from the community of FTHs, we are excited to announce that we are moving another step closer to that future that we spoke of all those months ago. All 55 cards in the TLV set, are now scheduled for tokenisation and made gameplay ready for all Whovians on the 22nd of February. Not only will the cards in the TLV set be updated with shiny new card artwork, the TLV frames will also be updated to reflect the new card format and quality. 

What does this mean for existing TLV card holders? 

For you wonderful Whovians with existing TLV cards, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re in for a treat and that your existing cards are deemed LEGACY TLV cards. For each Legacy TLV card you have in your Collection at 5pm UTC, Tuesday 21st February, you will receive – via airdrop – an equivalent PLAYABLE TLV card for free: same serial, enhanced artwork and frame … and PLAYABLE. We expect the airdrop to start 22nd February and end on the 23rd February. 

To make this all happen as smoothly as possible, we will be closing the marketplace from the 22nd February to the 23rd February, or until all new playable TLV cards have been airdropped to their respective recipients. Your existing Legacy TLV card(s) will remain in your collection, and you have the freedom to do with them what you will; whether it be keep it in your collection or list it for sale in the Marketplace.  

*Only existing Legacy Time Lord Victorious (TLV) cards from packs that were opened will receive the airdrop. Any existing Legacy Time Lord Victorious (TLV) packs not opened before the cut-off time on 21st February at 3pm UTC will be excluded from receiving the airdrop. If your Legacy TLV cards are in other digital wallets outside of the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart ecosystem or on other marketplaces i.e., Opensea, you will not receive the Playable TLV cards

What to do ahead of the evolution of TLV cards? 

On 21st February at 5pm UTC we will be taking a snapshot of all collections that include Legacy TLV cards and therefore qualify to receive Playable TLV cards. As we countdown to the evolution of TLV cards - whether you’re new to Doctor Who: Worlds Apart or an existing collector or player - there’s still time to qualify for the airdrop by buying Legacy TLV card packs from our store: 

Time Lord Victorious Core (Core Frame Pack) - $4.99 

Time Lord Victorious Premium (Premium Frame Pack) - $49.99 

Death Sentence - $74.99 

Life Sentence - $74.99 

Alternatively, if you prefer the thrill of jumping into the marketplace to pick up that elusive card(s) you've had an eye on from the TLV Season, then check out our  Marketplace to see what bargains are to be had. 

What is the purpose/utility for the new TLV cards? 

The new Playable TLV card(s) that you receive from the airdrop will be available in your collection and will unlock Playable card versions in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game from 22nd February. Now that the cards will be playable, the visual enhancement in the quality of the cards will really come across during your gameplay. 

Beyond the ability to unlock in-game playable versions, the new TLV cards in your collection will also be tradeable, on our secondary marketplace. 

Below is a list of all 55 TLV cards that will be evolving: 

  1. Archive of Islos 

  1. Avkhan (formerly known as; Avkhan, Seeker of Knowledge) 

  1. Black Site Scientist (formerly known as; Scientist at Black Site) 

  1. Blood Injection 

  1. Coffin Ship (Level 1) 

  1. Coffin Ship (Level 2) 

  1. Coffin Ship (Level 3) 

  1. Corrupted by the Entity 

  1. Corrupted Ood 

  1. Crystal Moth 

  1. Cucurbite 

  1. Dalek Ambassador (formerly known as; This is a Pease Mission!) 

  1. Dalek Beam Projector 

  1. Dalek Executioner 

  1. Dalek Prime Strategist 

  1. Dalek Time Scientist 

  1. Dark Times (formerly known as; The Dark Times. Now a free achievable card, instead of only being a token card) 

  1. Death Sentence (formerly known as; The Bringers of Death) 

  1. Devolving Hond 

  1. Dinner is Served! 

  1. Doctor's Intuition (formerly known as; Allergic to Paradoxes) 

  1. Emperor of Restoration (formerly known as; Emperor of the Restoration) 

  1. Exiled Scientist 

  1. Friar Grystok 

  1. Gallifreyan Bowship 

  1. Gift from Beyond 

  1. Great Vampire 

  1. Hond Scout 

  1. Hond Swarm 

  1. Hugo 

  1. Ikalla (formerly known as; Ikalla, Leader of the Free Undead) 

  1. Inyit (formerly known as; Inyit, Last of the Kotturuh) 

  1. Judgement Stone (formerly known as; Kotturuh Judgement Stone) 

  1. Just a Little Taste 

  1. Kotturuh Appraiser 

  1. Kotturuh Judgement 

  1. Kotturuh Magistrate (formerly known as; Follower of the Great Design) 

  1. First Encounter (formerly known as; Existence is Pain, Lava Lakes) 

  1. Mordeela (Level 1, formerly known as; Mordeela, Planet of Judgement) 

  1. Moredeela (Level 2) 

  1. Mordeela (Level 3) 

  1. Primordial Ooze 

  1. Rose Tyler 

  1. Scrolls of Rassilon (formerly known as; Black Scrolls of Rassilon) 

  1. Send the Bats! 

  1. Sonic Stake 

  1. Stellar Net 

  1. The Entity 

  1. Time Lord Victorious 

  1. The Ultimate End 

  1. Time Fracture 

  1. Unstable Energies 

  1. Vampire Servant (formerly known as; Servant of the Great One) 

  1. Vampire Slave 

  1. Vampiric Guard 

We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for you this year beginning with the kick-off of the Time Lord Victorious (TLV) set evolution! For more details on the Time Lord Victorious set evolution be sure to check out our FAQs FAQ (

In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for our live streams and join our Discordhere, so that you can listen in to our upcoming Stages and engage with our team and community of passionate Whovians from around the world who look forward to collecting, battling and trading with you. 
As always, may you be victorious in your battles. 
See you soon! 
The Doctor Who: Worlds Apart Team