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Patch notes
Game Patch notes

Patch 1.28 notes

  • Mobile fix for card opening
  • Mobile fix for name display
  • Mobile marketplace username display
  • Mobile Android frame display issue fix
  • Minor Analytics update for better service

Patch 1.27 notes

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Improved marketplace page speed
  • Currency now visibility on item listing in the marketplace
  • Improved speed on tokenization process
  • Bug fix and show/hide user ID functionality
  • Various small bug fixes over the website

Patch 1.26 notes

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Adjusted the carbon neutral declaration
  • Marketplace activity page speed improvements
  • Name / Username / ID functionality improvements
  • Bug fix - Marketplace currency issues
  • Mini cart bug fixes and improvements
  • Bug fix - Checkout, using Pandaks for vUSD topup

Patch 1.25 notes

Style improvements and updates:

  • Statistics page
  • Sustainability Page
  • Login/Register Pages
  • Transactions Pages
  • The Game Page
  • Card Info Page
  • Library Page
  • Founders Token Page
  • News/Articles Pages
  • Marketplace
  • My Listings Page
  • Edit Account Pages
  • Withdraw Cards Page
  • Pandaks Page
  • Pack History Pages
  • Mobile: Various improvements on formatting

Various other improvements over the platform:

  • Character / Word limit on Marketplace Bundle creations
  • News / Blog improvements
  • Order confirmation email improvements
  • "Revolution of The Daleks" is now merged into "Unearthly Origins" set, and removed from the RoadMap
  • Blend and set various inconsistencies on coloring and wording across the platform
  • Filters improvements
  • Bundle creation known issues fixes
  • Card Info pop-up issue fixed

Patch 1.24 notes

Various fixes over the platform:

  • Images fixing
  • Website speed improvements
  • Animations re-sets
  • Mobile responsive

Patch 1.23 notes

Design updates list:

  • Redesigned Header
  • Redesigned Footer
  • Redesigned Frontpage
  • Redesigned Store
  • Redesigned News
  • Redesigned Card Library
  • Redesigned Pack Openings

Card Library Page (update)

  • Improved view of all cards and frames alike the collection page
  • Added filters and search

Pack opening (update)

  • A whole new pack opening experience
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Improved loadtime and speed of pack opening page

Frontpage (update)

  • New development roadmap
  • Founders Token info and purchase ability
  • Improved packs view and pack info
  • News section

Store (update)

  • Founders Token info and purchase ability
  • Improved packs view and pack info

Collection (update)

  • Added unopened packs view in the collection page
  • Improved filters and search

Blog (update)

  • Improved view and listings of news
  • Added filters

Patch 1.22 notes (26, August, 2021)

Card set: Time Lord Victorious

  • Time Lord Victorious: 50 new cards in the set

New frames: Time Lord Victorious and Kottoruh

  • This frames are only on the Time Lord Victorious set of cards

Blog (new)

  • Blog section added on the website, a place for all users to be informed on all upcoming and current work around Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

Bug Fixes and Updates

  • My listings, New Listings and combinations with those two filtes are now fixed
  • Popups overlaping over the screen sizes is no longer a problem
  • The bug that was removing items from circulation if withdrawn is now corrected
  • Responsive fixes all around the marketplace
  • Frontpage banner refreshment
  • New cards and frames updates

Patch 1.21 notes (19, July, 2021)

Asset Withdraw

  • UX / UI changes with ability to view and select the desired cards for withdrawal
  • Added filters, sorters and search
  • Ability to withdraw to Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon (Matic), different fee applies

Asset Deposit

  • New tab in the wallet page for asset deposit, and ability to deposit assets back to the DW:WA wallet

Deposit history

  • New tab in the Transactions page "Card Transfers History", that has 2 sub tabs "Withdrawal History" and "Deposit History" for a full overview of asset transfers for the users

Cache handler

  • Fixed the bug that browsers does not re-take changes of the website, and clearing cache will no longer be required from users when we push updates, it will force browsers to re-take the css and javascript automatically

Cache handler

  • Fixed the bug that browsers does not re-take changes of the website, and clearing cache will no longer be required from users when we push updates, it will force browsers to re-take the css and javascript automatically

Checkout Upsale products

  • Added pack upsale products in checkout, for a faster and better UX for users when buying packs

Collections page improvements

  • We now show how many cards you own from each frame of the cards that are listed in your collection, with this we are making the colleciton more understandable and easier for users to see how many cards they own.

Export assets as CSV

  • Users can now export their collection as .csv file from the collection page

Wishlist (items)

  • Wishlist functionality added, with the ability to set an item to wishlist (user will be notified by email if a wishlisted item comes to sale on the marketplace)
  • Ability to filter items in marketplace and collection (show wishlist items only)

Favorites (items)

  • Favorite functionality added, ability to select an asset as favorite
  • Ability to filter items in marketplace and collection (show favorite items only)

My Selling list (new page)

  • My selling list will allow users to see all their items that are listed for sale, and easy to remove from sales (better market overview)

Sustainability page changes

  • Recent changes in the sustainability page (text, faqs, optimization)

Various bug fixes and improvements

  • Sorting on "Transactions" tab is now changed to be by default to Date: Desc
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect date was shown on my Marketplace History page for purchases
  • Fixed a bug REMOVE button only appeared once two or more items are selected
  • Removed the text "User ID:" in the card statistics since the column was named "User ID", this information was redundant
  • Fixed a grammatical / spelling errors in order confirmation email
  • Set the dropdown filter list of frame names in Marketplace to be listed alphabetically like in the Launcher
  • Rename Marketplace tab to Cards
  • Changed the symbol of the Search bar icon in the Create Listing screen of Marketplace
  • Fixed a bug where "Click Here" text color was white and appeared invisible when account confirmation message was shown during first login attempt of new account
  • Fixed a margin issue with the tabs at the top of the Wallet page
  • Fixed a bug on the Profile page, if there are no owned packs it will now display 0 instead of being blank

Patch 1.20 notes (29, June, 2021)

Withdraw History (new page)

  • Withdraw History added as a new tab in the "Transactions" page

Bug Fixes

  • The missing Mondasian Cyberman, Cybermat and K9 frames in the profile page are now added.
  • Added improvements to filters and sorters.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the buttons "Back to Collection / Back to cards" does not remember the page where the card was clicked on.
  • Fixed a bug and improved function for fee when listing on the marketplace (required a reset on the marketplace, de-listing all affected listings, and BC reset)
  • Default order on bundle page is changed to latest bundle placed for sale
  • Default sort order set to descending when sorting by new listings

Cards Page

  • Sorting by serial number added

The Game

  • Updated roadmap design

Patch 1.19 notes (18, June, 2021)


  • 5% fee for Founders Token holders is now removed
  • Sync with blockchain is improved which fixes all issues that users had like: Unable to open the create bundle page, load more cards in the "Create Listing" page, unable to place a card for sale, etc.
  • Filters and pager improvements
  • Responsive improvements

Cards withdraw (new)

  • Withdrawing cards to external wallet is now operational

Cybernetics Pack

  • 3 new frames: Mondasian Cyberman, Cybermat and K9

Marketplace - Bundles

  • Filter improvements - Added "Rarity" and "Frames" filters

Sustainability page update

Responsive and texture improvements

Patch 1.18 notes (9, June, 2021)

Front Page

  • The frontpage has been reworked and freshen up
  • Packs sections can now be opened and closed.
  • Roadmap is now added on the frontpage

Collection Page

  • Search field added
  • Sorting added

Marketplace Page - Single Cards

  • Search field added

Marketplace Page - Bundles

  • Search field added
  • Sorting updated - Added sorting by Serial Number

Create Bundle

  • Search field added
  • Search added
  • Filters updated - using filters will not remove already added cards for sell
  • Inventory will show a number of cards, and load more cards when scrolled to bottom


  • Fixed bug on toggling the cards and bundles in the sections
  • Pack history (new tab)
  • vUSD history (new tab)
  • Founder Tokens tab is updated and have a split on Founders Tokens purchases from the store and marketplace activity

My Profile

  • Frames count are now clickable, and have statistics pages
    • Card Frames (new page) - Statistics based on frames
    • Card (new page) - Statistics based on cards owned

My Profile - Settings

  • Overspending rule (new feature) - Users can now activate and set their weekly limit and get informed when going over their limit
  • Page is updated for more compact view


  • FAQ is updated with sustainability FAQs

Deck Builder (new page)

Sustainability (new page)

Patch Notes (new page)