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Patch 1.18 notes

Front Page

  • The frontpage has been reworked and freshen up
  • Packs sections can now be opened and closed.
  • Roadmap is now added on the frontpage

Collection Page

  • Search field added
  • Sorting added

Marketplace Page - Single Cards

  • Search field added

Marketplace Page - Bundles

  • Search field added
  • Sorting updated - Added sorting by Serial Number

Create Bundle

  • Search field added
  • Search added
  • Filters updated - using filters will not remove already added cards for sellign
  • Inventory will show a number of cards, and load more cards when scrolled to bottom


  • Fixed bug on toggling the cards and bundles in the sections
  • Pack history (new tab)
  • vUSD history (new tab)
  • Founders Tokends tab is updated and have a split on Founder Tokens purchases from the store and marketplace activity

My Profile

  • Frames count are now clickable, and have statistics pages
    • Card Frames (new page) - Statistics based on frames
    • Card (new page) - Statistics based on cards owned

My Profile - Settings

  • Overspending rule (new feature) - Users can now activate and set their weekly limit and get informed when going over their limit
  • Page is updated for more compact view


  • FAQ is updated with sustainability FAQs

Game Launcher (new page)

Sustainability (new page)

Patch Notes (new page)